Rat had surgery today

She developed a tumor recently and today I brought her into the vet to get it checked out. It was successfully removed and they put in a hormone implant that acts as a sort of chemical spaying which will hopefully prevent further tumors. She was supposed to stay there overnight but became extremely stressed out with the bandages and strange location and the vet called to ask me to bring her home. She looks a total mess now, all puffy and her fur is messy I’ve never seen her look so distraught. I’m keeping her in my room in her smaller travel cage so she won’t be able to be too active while she recovers and I can keep an eye on her.

I feel so bad for putting her through this…she doesn’t understand any of it…but it’s for her own good…


I hope your rat recovers :frowning:
I used to have a rat as a pet they’re very interesting.


Sorry to hear abt this, they get sick just as much as we do if not more and worse. It was probably really expensive, right? Whatever you have to do to make sure she survives is the right thing to do.


Very costly however I have pet insurance so I’m being reimbursed for almost all of it. Total cost was over 700 bucks but with reimbursement I’ll only be paying about 130


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