Not a good day today

Took my rat to the vet. Discovered she has a severe jaw infection that has caused half her teeth to rot away. The stress gave her the rat equivalent of pneumonia. The vet said if she doesn’t show improvement after 10 days she needs to be put down. Even if she does show improvement, she will still need oral surgery done. I already don’t know how I’m going to explain the 250 dollar bill from today to my parents. I don’t know if I will even be able to afford surgery for her.

I’m feeling awful. On top of that the Wellbutrin is really hitting me hard with the no food thing. Now even the smell of food makes me gag, any kind of food. Eating has become a challenge. So yeah I’ve had a terrible day today and I am devastated about my little girl.


So sorry to hear this @Anna.

Will your vet let you pay in installments? Take care, :v:

i hope ur rat improves it is terrible when animals are put down
also if eating has become a challenge u could start making smoothies so u wont have to chew u can just chug it and be done

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oh that is so sad. Poor little girl, I hope she feels better real soon. Hopefully the vet and your parents will work with you on the bill for the surgery if that turns out to be an option. If shes eating give her her favorite foods to make it as nice as you can for her since these could be her last days. I’m truly sorry, I love rats.

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I’m sorry @Anna.

I am trying this right now, I have a milkshake but it’s incredibly difficult it’s like I have med induced bulimia, I just start gagging immediately. No nausea at all it just super triggers my gag reflex.

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I threw up. I did my best to keep it down as long as possible so most of my meal was digested but this is a very bad situation. If I throw up food I am throwing up my meds too which basically negates me taking them.

How can I take a med that I have to eat with a large amount of food with a med that makes me throw up if I eat large amounts of food

Maybe you can find something dense in calories that’s more appetizing? Ice cream generally has a lot of calories. I’m sure there’s other examples of high calorie foods… What about a salad with dressing? Dressing has a lot of calories. Peanut butter. Dark Chocolate. I’m sure there’s some high calorie food out there you can eat that won’t take up much space in your stomach, so hopefully you won’t vomit it back up.

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No actually all that sweet and salty stuff is even less appealing to me than normal food. What I threw up today was a burger and a milkshake. Normally would love that and it would be like a special treat to me.

I think for the next 2 days while I finish my road trip I will have to stop taking Wellbutrin so that I can eat again because I can’t just not eat bc all we really have access to on the road is big fatty fast food. 2 days of missed dose shouldn’t be that big a deal.

I’m not sure I can be on Wellbutrin if it doesn’t allow me to eat any food at all. I didn’t mind the reduction in appetite but making me gag when just smelling food? That is a bit extreme.

It does list nausea and changes in appetite as side effects of Wellbutrin. But nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are listed as side effects of geodon. Are you sure it’s the Wellbutrin that’s causing you problems?

I did not have these issues until I raised my dose of Wellbutrin…

If it is geodon then golly gosh I’m just screwed 10 ways over.

I was going to say, it could very well be the Geodon.

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it might be, when i was on geodon i would gag when i was eating certain foods it would take me so long to eat and sometimes i would almost throw up it got less bad eventually it could have been my diet at the time of only eating plain meat like ground beef and steak it was like i had acid reflux but only with certain foods

Well that doesn’t sound good. Hope you get better soon. Hope your rat gets better too.

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Well I’m probably just going to skip taking both of them for the next two days then just so I can survive this road trip.

Anna we both know that not taking meds regularly is not good. Maybe there’s a better solution to dealing with what appear as side effects … they maybe symptoms of something else. One solution would be to eat less but more often

I don’t suggest this @Anna.
Call your doctor ASAP.
There’s gotta be a better way.

I can’t eat at all. I ate a banana this morning. It’s taken me over an hour to eat one biscuit because of how slow I have to go not to start gagging. I can’t just not eat for 2 days. I can’t contact my pdoc because I don’t have one currently I’m in the middle of a move