Racing thoughts, how to cope with them?

I am not thinking a lot if its not some kind of anxiety fast thinking… why s that, how to deal with it? did your ap helped you with it?iam basically living in my head and its tiring… probably, the best to deal with it is to distract myself, what do you think?

I do the same. I walk out of my classroom at school. If I can find a good place I just scream. It helps a bit.

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I see jake, thank you. do your racing thoughts are anguishing ones? mine are… I am thinking that my loneliness for these years contributed to this :(…

Oh definitely. They are also frightening and that is mostly due to the visual hallucinations. Because those were very menacing hallucinations.

sorry to hear that. you ll be fine… I saw yourantoher thread on the hypochondria, I think I am that too… I mostly think that ill never get through my schizophrenia. I beat it since 5 years without success. I don’t have hjallucinations but I am quite depressed and I isolate myself from others a lot(paranoia etc)…

Racing thoughts suck, especially because mine are just anxious. I used to drink and smoke a lot but now I workout every day and it helps.

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yes Mortimer, they are tough… my pdoc never told me that ill get better. once you get this diagnosis, I suppose you are out of the board… I got it that I should distract myself, activate more. I wanna just see if ill have some relief on these thoughts… mine are anxious also, I am like an idiot, I am not productive schizophrenic in my head… I am just worried,thats all, without another ideas in my head… but on 10 mg of zyprexa, I was a zombie… I was suffering also a lot without feeling anything,just pain…

You can improve. You can get better but maybe not like you were before the illness hit you. Well, hanging in despite what you suffer from says you have the mind and willpower to get better- I would know because I may be mr. High functioning, but I used to be a complete tragedy and I was written off as a lost cause.

You should see a psychologist and open up to them, let them do their job. I think it can change a schizophrenic’s life to speak and be understood. I never really liked going to shrinks because my parents made me, but when I decided that I had enough and wanted to live in pursuit of a dream, I changed. Today I work in psychotherapy research at university.

I am ill since child Mortimer… I was a passive child who couldn’t talk a lot, I had memory problems, iwas bugging(repetitive thinking) and then I had mood problems,depression,paranoia now…I actually think that I could get better than before, I was always sick…and I aspire to a happy life even around stresfull situations…
I am fed up by all shrinks in fact, ill see what I can do with this…I ve seen all kind of shrink since years,thats all… probably I am stubborn and mean right now but sometimes I don’t feelschizophrenic cause I don’t hallucinate etc etc…

Did you ever consider that your racing thoughts maybe anxiety driven? I am no prescriber but klonopin and buspar have helped me.

Works for racing thoughts (which seems to me – and many others – to be connected to being in fight or flight with elevated sympathetic pitch in the autonomic nervous system; see

DBT distraction & emotion regulation –
10 StEP –

Please consider to find out more about mindfulness practice. You can start with watching on youtube talks by Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is a great help. It is about concentrating on things like breathing to reclaim the present moment. You can try and see if it helps or not. One of his books is called Mindfulness For Begginers. He says that our minds have a life of their own. Is it not interesting? He also suggests that knowing is bigger than thinking. I have been practising mindfulness for nearly two years now. My mind still creates many episodes for me which I can not control. But at least now I know that I am something more than my thoughts. All the best