Quitting drinking for a week

You think I can do it?

  • Yes
  • No

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The more important question is do you think you can do it? :wolf::wolf::wolf:


The thing about sobriety is it hurts like hell, and if you don’t drink again, it lasts a long time.

Mid January, it was 47 years since I drank alcohol.


I need to quit drinking. It gives me paranoia when I’m drunk around my parents. But when they aren’t around it feels so good to be drunk. We have a lot of alcohol problems in the family history. So it’s dangerous for me to be around but I do it anyway

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Yes it would be nice to see what difference it makes, if any to how you feel.

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Wow 47 years that’s impressive!

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47 years is amazing. I just celebrated 31 years clean and sober.

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I have faith in you.

Plenty of 0% beers out there now - so when the bars are open again after covid, you dont have to skimp out on your social life (if your a pub person).

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