Gonna give it another try after labor day, (sobriety)

i decided the whole drinking one day a week was not good for me, it just makes me want to drink more frequently than once a week. so im going to allow myself to have a couple drinks to get through labor day, and then im gonna try to cut out the alcohol altogether. the longest i’ve gone without drinking is 13 months since turning 21 years old. also i was using alcohol after quitting cigarettes, but im past the nicotine withdrawal so now time to cut out the alcohol. i have a feeling i will be unsuccessful in this, i always go back to moderate drinking, i just can’t stay away from it.


the only reason im drinking over labor day is because all my cousins being here for 4 days stresses me out.

having a steady job has always helped me,

obviously you can’t go in smelling of alcohol.

get candy and gum. good luck.

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ohhh, and ice cream! treat yourself.

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