Quit clowning around with my food

Has anyone tried online McDonald’s food? You download this app. You pick out your food. You pay for it with PayPal. Go through the drive through. Give me your code number. Pick up your food. And hope it aint still by the time you get Home.


I get food delivered at home sometimes with Deliveroo. Sometimes burgers.

They charge about 5€ for it.

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Same here. But they upped all the prices. A pizza costs about 10€ at the pizzeria. If you order online it used to costs about 12€ + 4€ delivery. Well now a pizza costs 13.5€ + 4€. It’s really expensive. Fu-cking cheap ■■■■■■■■.


Haven’t tried McDonalds online but got a KFC delivery last week convenient but pricy way of buying junk food.

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McDonald’s charges too much for absolute crap. I make better burgers at home for a quarter of the cost.

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