Quiet Dark Night

It is the early morning
still dark, so quiet
nobody moving around
just an occasional car passing
breaking this peaceful moment of the darkness
turned the coffee maker on
black coffee for waking up again
in this silence thoughts run through my mind
turned radio on as every morning
only to listen local music
old experiences come to my mind
driving through a state on another side of the world
how could it have been I wonder?
strange, was I more courageous then
years ago driving through the darkness
listening music from the past
singing in the moonlight shadow
while passing other cars
so peaceful, so silent and so quiet
only old thoughts running through my mind
as always in this loneliness.


This song brings back memories from 1994 when I often drove an auto from Atlanta to Evergreen, Alabama in the early morning hours when it was still dark and I listened this song …‘so far away on another side’, my life was different then, I was a businessman doing consulting for many international corporations. I was 22 years younger.