The quietness of the night

It’s funny how the quietness of the night can sometimes make you feel you can hear distant music and snatches of conversation that you can’t make out the words of.


Peace of mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean like a fancy hotel restaurant with a piano player and tinkling glasses and silverware?

I have crickets and Cicadas to listen to here. It makes sleeping tough when you’re camping.

It was a cool day here today. I don’t think I’m ready for winter though.

The last time I went to a fancy restaurant was on my befriender’s birthday. It was very disconcerting on account of the effect of being around so much chatter.

That reminds me of a time me and a friend stayed in a hostel in Sausalito, California.
There was a french man who couldn’t speak english who would play the piano every night while everyone ate and charged their phones/computers/etc. It was so peaceful and a really fond memory.


I hear those kinds of things when my fan’s running. It’s different often - a sportscaster - a chior - something popular with a beat - over and over, late night talk show -.

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I often hear a man and woman talking, but not sure of what they are saying.
Then at night while it’s quiet, I will often hear a radio playing sometimes a country song so clear I could write down every word, but never able to locate the source of the music.
Some nights its a game show, other nights a familiar song except a super long extended version looping for hours, or played incredibly slow and annoying.

Are you sure the music was from outside rather than from inside of your mind such as the voices, Csummer? I once heard a song played and played again when I was psychotic. I knew it was from inside of my brain. Very annoying.

Being this close to the beach… it’s never quiet on a warm night. The calm here comes with the first rays of dawn. Actually… it’s not quiet… it’s just not a lot man made noise.

Waves lapping the sore and seal’s barking in the surf and some woodpeckers out getting bugs off the logs that wash up on the sand… I love living by the water.


Quietness is good and undisturbed sleep even better, I like when I have taken my evening meds and hear no sounds and start sleeping, it is very calming and relaxing and to wake up each morning from that sleep is even better to live another day here.

I was at a hotel in Arkansas this summer and that’s where I get the idea from. It was an older hotel without so many people. I think you would like it. It wasn’t loud at non peak times.

The music came from within the house itself, rather than from outside the house. I tput my ear to the floors, walls, doors, then opened the window and listened. Never could I find the source, but it just seemed toco e from the air inside the house.
It wasn’t from inside my head either, because from 1996-2012 I wasn’t allowed (then lost intrest) in listening to the radio, watching TV, reading magazines or books. The game shows I heard were half an hour long , and pretty sure they weren’t in english. Not much of a country music fan so I had no idea who the male singer was, but the song was far more dramatic and complex than I think I could ever create, plus there was someone announcing this premier song as if it was a huge thing. The song was good, and I heard it so clearly that I knew every word.
The other familiar songs that turned into an hour or longer remix version I had never heard before, and another familiar-but much disliked song that I would have no doubt turned off in the first 2seconds, but the slow version cracked me up. I’m just not that talented.

i love the night, the peace ,the serenity, hearing the wind…beautiful.
take care

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This is weird. I am a bit worried about you because it could be a kind of hallucination. Just be careful, Csummer.

The house can be quite overwhelming at times.
Yesterday I got fed up with all the people dressed as foliage and acting in some sort of play from distant times. I ran out as fast as I could, not realizing it was 103 degrees outside. I went a couple of blocks to the creek, and paused around these gigantic trees near the water.
The trees stirred up and then one at a time, these large branches snapped and fell close to me. After the 7th consecutive near miss, I looked up to see this man? dressed as a very colorful bird , complete with beak mask. He laughed as I shook my head at his rudeness and poor coordination.
There appeared another costumed man/bird at the next set of trees, only this time all the real birds, turtles, and small creatures cleared out when he arrived.
Not sure if he flew or climbed up the tree, but it was pretty unnatural.
Before you automatically label me psychotic, just know there are some pretty mean people out there who are not bound by the same laws as everyone else.

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