Quick time audio file from a quick time voice recording on an ap on my phone.... need to change it to a gif Help please

the same thing again sorry

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I have it on airdrop if someone can please accept it that way maybe?

This help desk is rubbish

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Have u rapped any song …and have u recorded…can u provide any links…

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That’s wha I’m trying to upload to here

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Record it in sound cloud then give its link then…

Maybe Google it? Sorry, I can’t help as I don’t use QuickTime. Also, gif is not an audio format.

@Rhubot. Do you have any Tech Support advice? :nerd_face:

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It’s okay Moonbeam
it’s also a specific ap which i don’t even really grasp completely

I’m gonna try re upload to SoundCloud.
can’t do it till this evening so look out for my first ever rap this eve. :slight_smile:

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it linked to soundcloud…!!!


it worked! thanks
all had to do is drag and drop
that’s how easy it should be!