Share your singing or reciting voice folks! ^^

Here is a tool to do that

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:smile: my talking is like singing anyway :smiley: Can someone tell me my accent?!


Hi @MsBuddha!

I just use to talk and sing. It’s an easy upload, but must be in an Mp3 format.

Here’s my voice-


Hmm sounds Lebanese maybe?? Just a guess. We Americans like your accent, it might work on meditation videos.

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Hah i am not really lebanese!!!

I was expecting a goofy Canadian accent. It sounds eastern european, slavic. I’m not sure which country exactly though.


Everybody should try You don’t have to sign up, and the direct upload is right on the main page! Easy as pie!

I have to make an mp3 then upload it??


Just convert it into an Mp3…easy sites for that…and then upload it, and the site will give you a code to post it and listen to it like I just did.

Give it a shot!

here’s a good conversion site-

This is me and my little daughter singing off key to a song I wrote…(she doesn’t know the song and is just shadowing me).

Still kinda charming in a father/young daughter sort of way I think. :wink:


I like your voice and accent @MsBuddha! :slight_smile:

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Did you try using Or was it too much of a hassle for you.

sorry @PatrickT yes it is a hassle… first my singing sucks, then I don’t know how to record an MP3 file to upload it and then :smile:

BTW your daughters are precious… :hope you had fun recording that song.

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I just keep getting a error, but I sing like a cat who’s tail has been stomped on lol

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@SpecialK You never said what type of accent you have! Don’t leave us hanging! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that you playing the guitar? It sounds great.

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