I’m reducing my medicine, today is the first day.

I’m being prescribed to take 800 mg of Quetiapine but now I’m taking 200 mg of Quetiapine.

What’s gonna happened next!

Did your doctor lower the dose or did you lower it on your own?

I did it myself

I’ll let one of the veterans respond, since I’m not really comfortable giving advice. I’ve been on quetiapine for most of the last 20+ years, except for 2 years recently that I was on olanzapine, which didn’t work out for me (too anxious). Now, I’m back on quetiapine again. Whenever the dose was substantially reduced, I did have trouble falling asleep.

It’s probably safer and smarter to take medication as prescribed by your doctor. If you’re having issues with the amount he prescribed then talk it over with him and see what he says. I see many people on here stop their medication or alter the dose on their own and it usually ends up very badly. And there’s a big difference between 800 mg and 200 mg of something.

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That’s a massive drop.

Are you on an injection too or is that your only antipsychotic?

As someone who has stopped my meds on my own, I highly encourage you to take your meds as prescribed and talk to a Pdoc before you lower your meds on your own. I ended up in the hospital this last time

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I was on 800mg quetiapine before, and in hospital it was switched to clozapine very quickly. I remember being really really sick for the quick drop/med switch.

for example:
I’m dropping clozapine off.
it’s -25mg every 3 months.
my total dose is 200mg now so this means it will take 2 years for me to get completely off clozapine.

going from 800mg to 200mg on quetiapine is a huge huge drop.

it is better to not rush it as there might be a big chance of things turning the worse.

and it’s good to listen what a doctor is saying.


You must colleborate with your doctor if you want to lower your dose of Qutiapine. I ve been lowered from 800 mg to 600 mg Qutiapine in the last month with my doctors consents.

It’s a huge drop, I would check with your doctor. If I drop my quetiapine by even 100mg I am wrecked. Last time I went to 500mg I ended up very unwell in the hospital.