I have a question. What if I come off Quetiapine cold turkey?

Currently I’m taking 800 mg


I take 25mgs …it help me fall asleep…

You could die. I tried that and nearly died. I had to get my heart checked out afterwards. It was ok. Involve your psychiatrist in this.


Did you do the same with Quetiapine or other Antipsychotic?

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With Quetiapine.

I’m taking the same dose of quetiapine. I don’t really feel it. I’m beginning to wonder if I should ask the taxpayer to pay for a drug that has no effect on me. That isn’t to say that quetiapine has no effect on everyone. It is very sedating to some people. I don’t know how it will affect you if you come off the drug. Any time I come off an antipsychotic cold turkey I experience intense anger.

Please don’t go off of your Quetiapine without your pdoc’s supervision. Please?


Hi mongolina

i did it once 600 mg cold turkey…

yes i agree with @everhopeful

be carefull better to take it by day less and talk to pdoc


Under no friggin circumstances come off it cold turkey. I reduced my dose of quetiapine recently and it didn’t go well. Never ever do that.

Ask your doctor withdrawals are serious business


I wouldn’t do it. I was on 800mg and I came off it myself not under doctors supervision very rapidly and not even cold turkey and I got really sick. The withdrawals from this drug can be horrible. I got off easily but still had some pretty bad ones.

I ended up relapsing and now on an injection. The injection is better than qutiapine ever was but the relapse was terrible. And it is also brain damaging.

It also made me physically ill. I got really bad acid reflux which I still have and stomach issues from the stress and came down with a cyst which I believe was also caused by the stress of coming off it. The stress does physical harm to your body. It should be done very slowly under supervision. I learned a hard lesson. I will never do it again.