Questions about risperdal pills bs consta depot

I’ve heard the depot is more effective?
How many mg is 25mg consta vs pills?
How long does the terrible sedation last?

I was on the pills for a month. In my experience, the sleepiness wears off after a few weeks.

I wasn’t sedated on the shots.

I have been sleeping almost non stop since I started 4 days ago…

That’s what I’m hoping for. I get my first shot on monday. Do you know how the conversion works? I’m getting the 25 mg shot on Monday

No I don’t sorry

In having trouble finding on web too

It just says if you take less than 3mg you get the 25mg shot

Sleeping nonstop the first week is normal for any antipsychotic. Then your body starts to get used to it. I don’t sleep any more than I used to anymore, and I’ve been on the same med for six years, without skipping a day.