Questionnaire Design

I’m trying to measure perceptions of mental illness and if/how they change as a result of mental health awareness training.

I’d welcome any suggestions regarding the design of a questionnaire.

What do you think are the major current perceptions of mental illness?

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I think there is a lot of negative stigma attached to mental illness, psychosis and schizophrenia the most negative. People throw around the words “crazy” and “insane” like they don’t mean anything, when in some cases, it can be viewed as a slur. I think the only way the stigma can be reduced is if people are open and willing to answer questions regarding their mental illness. There should be some kind of study about mental illness in lower classes, like elementary school and middle school, not just as an optional course in High School and College. People should be prepared on how to handle others with mental illnesses or how to cope with it themselves when they have a mental illness.

Schizophrenia is kind of treated as a dirty word. People don’t know how to react to it. People don’t understand how to have mature conversations about it and since it isn’t very common, nobody really knows what to do when someone tells them that they are schizophrenic. If they aren’t fetishizing the illness, then they are afraid.

I hope that answers the question somewhat. I might have understood it incorrectly.

Thank you, Carly, that was really useful :slight_smile:

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I might have come across some prejudice and stigma, but I’m pretty unaware when it comes to others. I’m trying to get better with that.

Because I know stigma is out there, but I don’t feel like I’ve encountered it as badly as others. I really do feel it’s because of where I’m living.

I’m close to the UW campus that has a huge medical center. The psych research center is IN the medical center and the pharmacy program is also in the center.

It seems like the entire U-dist portion of our city has some idea what mental illness is and what it isn’t. If I was in some of our farming towns, I would keep my mouth shut. But here where I am… when I tell people about my condition, they don’t look scared.