Question for the rich people of this forum

I’ve never worked. Since living away from my parents I’ve lived in low income properties. I’m not rich .

My upbringing

Father= diplomat. Retired(after I’d left home) after serving as British consul general in Atlanta. Equivalent military rank =1 * star general . 1st Who’s who entry in1978. My father came from a lower middle class background . He got a scholarship to King Edward’s school in Birmingham.

Before becoming a diplomat he was briefly an army officer.

I was privately educated at prep and then public school from 8 to 18.


Hee hee ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So the question remains have you ever ate gold?

I’ve never personally eaten gold. Seen a wealthy patron eat it on a $30,000 sundae once either from Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain. She looked real ■■■■ excited. :joy:

It’s funny that they are willing to try eating gold but I wonder if they would try that maggoty cheese from Italy or South America or wherever it’s from?


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They probably drink that cat poop coffee too :joy:


if someone does stuff like that with their money, they won’t be rich for very long