I bought a bullion

I dunno I just wanted one 10g of gold in a bar form


To purchase a metaphor: priceless.

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Apparently gold can be a good investment.

Remember how you sometimes impulse buy?

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I know @supernova I’m gonna post the letter he did on that in another topic where he explains where it comes from.

Actually I won’t post the letter but basically he says that it is a flight respocne to the anxiety that makes me impulse buy.

My vision of @anon80629714 in a few years :rofl:



Im riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich

I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish !


I read balloon instead of bullion. I like balloons. I wonder if they make balloons made out of gold?

From what I’ve seen gold always goes up. It’s one of those things. I remember in my teenage years an ounce of gold was like the equivalent of an ounce of weed. From friends who still indulge I’ve found that weed hasn’t really gained in value on the black market whereas gold has gone from $200 to over 1k an ounce…If only I bought blocks of gold back then instead of that useless weed…


When the world is going to hell in a handbasket gold is a good investment which is mostly all the time.

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