Question for the mods

everybody is changing their avatar to santa hats. I was wondering if I could change mine to a cross? you know being christmas and all… I know this is an athiest site, but can I do that or will I get flagged/removed?


It’s not an “atheist site”, no, and yes, you will get flagged.


then can I do a picture of the manger scene?

Ask a mod but I fail to see why promoting your religion is so important to you on a site that’s about support for mental illness. It comes off as caring more about being right about your beliefs than about being supportive. You know starting religious stuff does not end well here.

I don’t know why you’re associating Santa Hats with religion.

Christmas has just been a conspiracy by the tinsel industry for decades now. (Quoting unknown film/tv show)


I guess this means I can’t have a Satan hat, then.


I think you should be allowed to have any hat you want. It’s Christmas after all

Checks Calendar



Maybe we’re actually a satanist site but only figured it out just now? :thinking:

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I’d actually love to rock a turban just once. They look sooooooo cool.



Im not promoting religion om promoting christmas. how can you have christmas without christ? its in the name

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Are you serious? I’ve had it my whole life.
Much of it is just pagan traditions anyway.

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oh well I havent. must be nice

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thats the point im trying to make, its a tradition. Im not promoting religion god knows im not much of a catholic anyway

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he also knows i try to be but thats besides the point

Here. Christmas hats ultimately come from pagan traditions.

Can we please have christmas without religious symbols now?

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@Treebeard I mean if you dont believe in it it shouldnt offend you. after all its just a symbol for you to judge

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It’s against the rules. You just want to stir up drama.


Im american what can I say

@gcar. Using a religious symbol or image as your avatar would go against the forum guidelines about not posting reIigious stuff.

IMO, a Santa hat is not the same thing since it’s not a religious symbol.

I’ll tag the other Mods so they can weigh in. @DearZombie @ninjastar @rogueone