Question For Mods

How come when I hit the ‘expand’ button on my profile, it just says ‘collapse’.

I’m unable to view anything. This is strange.

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It’s okay now. It just worked. Sheesh! I’m seeing ghosts around every corner.

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The new updates have come out, and sometimes things get a little glitchy. It just means someone made a mistake. I’m glad it’s working now.


You guys are it guys with sz or without?@ninjastar you don’t have to answer if is uncomfortable

We are not the IT guys, but yeah, all the mods deal with some form of mental illness. Mine is schizophrenia (and OCD and PTSD and Tourette’s)

I’m a complete whackjob if you haven’t noticed.

I want to Unite Mankind then hit a bucket of golf balls. :joy:

You guys seems pretty high functionally. Its good to have bussines to do every day. How can I become a mod, maybe I’m to manic now but I think I’ll manage

I am not an IT guy. I am a nerd gal. I do not have sz, sza, or psychosis. I have MDD, GAD and OCD.


Well, the way we all became mods was by coming here every day for years, always treating everyone with respect, and helping to defuse arguments and potentially dramatic situations. Then, szadmin asked us to do the job. It’s not a super glamorous job. We get called nazis at least twice a week.


I laugh at your joke… Now I remember I haven’t laught in at least 2 months… Well I can’t be one, I only post when I get hipomanic and feel like a super human

Oh great, now we have two super humans on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m Superman!

No! I’m Superman!

Oh, shut up!

No, You shut up!!

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It’s good to know your sense of humor remains intact!