Question about people with treatment resistant psychosis

What happens to them if they get so delusional so they can’t sleep? Do they end up taking their lives if that happens?

I’ve heard about people that live with symptoms without medication, and are living (although maybe not a good life). Do they never get deeply psychotic?

I remember the times I was at my worst, things just spiraled out of control.

Do these people not spiral out of control? Do the people who are alive with treatment resistant sz have milder symptoms that doesn’t spiral out of control?

I’ll let you know in a few months. I can verify that it’s possible to cope with positive symptoms and enjoy your life. I find the negative symptoms to be the most difficult to work around.

You’re going off your meds? Or not on meds?

Doctor is tapering me off APs.

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Please dont do it, my relapse from tapering off meds has been ruining my life since then. You might be okay for few month ot a year, but the rebound psychosis that comes after is not worth risking your life

This is at the suggestion of my psychiatrist. I have a Plan B and other supports in place in case it doesn’t go as well as hoped.

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