Anyone managed with out meds

has anyone here sucessfully managed to live a normal life without medication?

Define “normal”…

But seriously. I’ve gone two and a half years without my medication and I’m doing…sorta okay. When I first stopped my medicine I was exercising regularly and had a rather structured life. But I did start to slowly get worse again having episodes from time to time. I feel like I’m getting closer to another break, so instead of going back to the doc like I should I just stay to myself as much as possible.

It’s probably better to take medication. I was on a rather small dose of risperadone at first but stopped because I was stubborn and wanted to do things without feeling hindered.

normal. i kinda ment functioning . living life with out episodes. psychosis. i am on clozapine and have been on most other meds… would love to live with out meds but i dont think it would be possible.

I survived for five years without meds after my first breakdown but when I had a relapse in 2012 I had to go back on it. I don’t know if I will do well off meds again - too much stress