Question about Cogentin

Has anyone ever dropped Cogentin cold turkey? Is parethesia the side effect from it? I remember I dropped mine cold turkey, and Im trying to figure out the cause of parethesia in m fingers.

Can anyone chime in?

I took it with latuda for about a year.
Don’t remember any withdrawal.
Sorry, I know that probably doesn’t help.

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I took it with Vraylar. It helped while I was on it. I had no secondary effects.

I didn’t have any symptoms or withdrawal problems. I only took it 2x day when haldol was my primary ap. I think I took 1.25 mg 2x day.

Hope this helps. Take care.

No worries, thanks for the reply @nfy

I took it with Latuda for about 5 years. When I tapered down the Latuda I kind of dropped the Cogentin cold turkey and I developed parkinsons like symptoms. As soon as I started Perphanazine it went away but the parethesia is still there.

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Thanks for your replies @Cici2 @JustTrish


I did when a pdoc took me off it cold turkey. I got twitches and pains in my legs for over a week

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Only legs, no arms, no hands??

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Nope just legs 15151

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