Good evening everyone! Has anyone else experienced cognitive impairments while taking cogentin daily? Im also taking 4mg risperdal per day for positive symptoms.

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I stopped taking benztropine because I didn’t feel it was necessary for me and I try not to take any more drugs than necessary.

I personally did not have any cognitive issues while on it though.

Did you stop cold turkey or taper off gradually? I tried not taking a 2mg tablet this morning & ended up with extreme nausea/fatigue, so i had to give in. May be withdrawal symptoms as i’ve been taking it daily for over a year.

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I was taking them “as needed” so I wasn’t on them for any real length of time and did not need to taper off. I would ask your doctor if tapering off is needed in your case.

If I were to guess though, I would say you probably will need to taper off if you have been taking them regularly for over a year.

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