Quantum Immortality

Quantum immortality is the concept that essentially you cannot die. I personally mix this precept with the fact that you live until your timeline is up.That would equate to a long human life to its fullest being around 100-110 years and then you begin again.

The concept is that you cannot die is based on the idea that there are multiple worlds and universes and that no matter what you do and how many times you die in ‘this’ universe you somehow survive in a carbon copy of this universe and continue as normal.

This immortality is characterised, for example. like when when you have a near death life experience and you are left feeling shaky and somewhat dissociated from life for a few moments and who hasn’t had this feeling?

When you should have died, or even tried to die and somehow survive impossibly; it is the fact that you have died and transferred to a different universe, part of the multiverse. You died in the last one and their universe continues for them where you died, as it does for you in the new one where you survive.

This is the many worlds interpretation (MWI) with a blend of quantum immortality from the basis of quantum physics, a science theory in its own right.

What do you think of it?

Is this the “multiverse theory”?

No, this is the quantum immortality theory based on the multiverse.

You mean this?

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It is complicated but I don’t rule anything out. You never know.

I believe Quantum Immortality is wrong.


I think I e ist in who n all I am n probably others do too.

So theresdifferent bodies of who I am as in different races n species n also different nature of who I am but it’s me in material form as such n if I’m a pig n die I might be reborn or if I’m nature I circulate n if I’m spacey n astronomical then that’s me too out of earth n space etc

Some want to e xtincture all of who I am perhaps but I have faith they don’t succeed.

I believe in god I think but I’m not a part of any religion as none of them seem to suit me.

I have read and watched tiny bit bout quantum.

I hate thought experiments.(not really) Its not logical the number of timeline splits would be infinite I also believe a man is only appointed to die once . Idig this stuff Im busy right now but Ill be back tomorrow if anyone wants to yack with me about quantum mechanics etc