Many Worlds Theory

This post in the meme thread reminded me of the many worlds theory that I am a fan of. It’s a possibility that arises from quantum theory. It basically states that there are an infinite number of Universes and everything that can happen does happen.

So for example, right now you’re reading this forum, but there are an infinite number of Universes branching of this moment, one where you go have a shower, one where you continue reading this forum, one where you are dead, one where you are the leader of your country, everything that is possible happens in these various Universes, etc…

What parallel Universe makes you feel good, or wished you were experiencing, because according to this theory it does exist.

In my ideal parallel universe I don’t have schizophrenia, I finished my University degree, I became a geneticists like I had wanted to become, I made millions/billions of dollars, I met a smart beautiful woman, I had 3 kids, and life is good.

Unfortunately my current reality(Universe) kinda sucks, but this theory also means there are realities where everything is much worse too.


I like the idea that in each universe that branches another, there is an evolution that leads up to the birth of the new universe. First there is stars, then planets, geoactivity, life, humans or another intelligent race that makes a machine that simulates a new universe. We could be living in one right now and in the future birth the next.

Did you consider that maybe daydreaming about unobtainable things you covet is making your current life worse?

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I remember hearing about this theory about 10 or 15 years ago watching science programs on TV. It’s an interesting concept. I’m honestly not quite sure whether I believe in it or not.

No, I don’t obsess over the way my life is going to the point that it gets me down, but I do sometimes wonder what life would be like if things were different or had gone the way I had planned when I was younger. My life has actually gotten better in my 40’s. My 20’s where spent psychotic and my 30’s where spent all drugged up. Now I am stable, on meds without side effects, have a job, there are some things that I would still like but things are definitely better. I have goals, but I don’t beat myself up if I don’t achieve them.

There’s no point in thinking about parallel universes. We’re not conscious of it and can do nothing about it. So it just occupies the mind and keeps you away from living the life you’re in

Whatever your more realistic dreams are, those things you mentioned all seem like really unhealthy what-ifs that probably wouldn’t even have made you very happy. I’m not judging you but I do see a lot of sadness or bitterness in your post. But maybe there isn’t.

I was reading about parallel universes last night. After the big bang there may have been many bubbles of other universes, some of which could be running in parallel.

However they are too far to ever reach.

Scientists still don’t know if our universe is finite or infinite.

I’m planning on studying astrobiology and genetics again next year at Uni.

Would be great if a parallel version of me gave me advice lol.

Film recommendations: Parallel
And a film called Parallels which was a pilot of a cancelled series.

Both brilliant.

The Butterfly Effect too.


Not bitterness, but some disappointment, things didn’t turn out the way I had wanted them too. I was in University for STEM and planning on becoming a geneticist but had to drop out when I was diagnosed so that wasn’t an unhealthy ambition, just one that circumstances beyond my control brought to an end. I’ll admit being a millionaire or billionaire is wishful thinking but would be nice, Meeting a woman and having a family is very common and normal, but hasn’t worked out. I don’t think any of these things are unhealthy, they are very common, again I’m just disappointed it didn’t work out that way.

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So, fck physics because it’s too hard for some to think on?

I find this take far more mind boggling.

But I agree, some people can’t conceive of things beyond their tangible experience, and would not benefit from such an excersize.

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I like the theory, but I don’t think it’s true. I think it’s much more likely there are many universes but at their inception they all developed different physical laws, so gravity, thermodynamics, periodic table etc. are all different. From what I’ve read that is the competing and more possible theory, and doesn’t allow for every possible permutation of this reality, but so fundamentally different ones that it can hardly be imagined.


I am still creating my own ideas and so far I believe there are as many worlds as people.

I’m a beginner to this type of thinking though so it’s all rudimental.


Well @LittleMissSlothy it means that there is a parallel Universe where that guy you like wants a committed relationship, you get married and live happily ever after. :cupid:

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Haha sounds pretty good :relaxed:

Although I don’t do marriage.

I just do commitment without the party

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Well, whatever makes you happy, the theory stipulates there is a parallel Universe where it happens.

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As many worlds as people would seem to be in the subjective/ idealist/ indirect reality domain of thinking. That type of thinking could eventually argue that even sz delusions are reality because they exist in those worlds. I think its fun to think about but it might not be helpful.


I’m going to tell my wife that the cat’s box is clean in an alternate reality and see if it gets me out of changing it. She’ll probably just call me a name but it seems like it’s worth a try.


It’s an interesting theory for sure. If there isn’t infinite worlds we live in. Would it not follow that there are infinite worlds we don’t live in?

I theorize and to some extent it’s been proven that before we die we dream our life all over again. I think it’s a lucid dream that can be changed. That’s the rebirth some people go through. We only stop dreaming when we’ve done all we set out to do. It could be that what we are set out to go through and do is our soul contract. I’ve been told this is my last cycle on earth. I’m trying to become the best person I can.

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Update: Got called a few names. Cat tray is sorted. The upside is that I can start advertising my services as a psychic who makes accurate predictions.


I managed to do the same in all parallel universes.:grinning:

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