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Did I give up? A good question.
I don’t feel like I did but emotions are deceiving less than trustworthy despite affection.
Did God give up on me?
No he never did. He’s just letting me be pressed in on every side to see if I will subside to the devil’s lies.
I’m trying to be myself and I feel lost at times.
All my thoughts let astray but my eyes stay focused on the road ahead of me anyway.
I know he doesn’t give up on his sons and daughters for imperfections debt has been paid.
God that great love Beyond man’s highest thought.

I am under all these burdens of Misfits plots.
Where am I?
The hidden man of the heart flashing in and out ,on and off like a machine monitoring someone’s heart.
The true man in God cannot be bought
He was created to be strong.
Bold under pressure and calm.
I see with clear eyes a hope, Heights ,and never the devil’s level.


It came and went. Not


It is a never ending rollercoaster
Of these crazy emotions
What I want
Is sleep sleep sleep
What I get
Is crazy
I hate feeling this way
But as my daughter would say
Suck it up butter cup
Smart kid

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My day was great got to read scripture with a friend glorifying the Lord is why I am made…Loving life full of Joy just can’t explain the love I feel I am so grateful for today

I do Feel a little pain from a mistake I made but the Lords got me so it’s ok… Gotta continue on the road to praise the Lord I am learning with the sword the sword of the spirit which is his holy word…

So happy to be here today I can really say that today was a good day in every way. Joyful in the trials makes me grateful for life it’s self …since a lesson is learned …God never leaves me by myself.

Thank you for listening thank you for being here your very much appreciated your all in my prayers…

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Behold my haiku, and the tale it foretells:

I ate a poptart
It was strawberry frosted
It was delicious


Upside down
woke up on the wrong side of the bed
my emotions turned around

started by dreams that spun me round and round

awake and still there

they’re streaming frustration and anger

the devil was working while I was asleep

soon I got my grasp on God’s grace put my shoes on and tied the laces

put one foot in front of the other and then I faced it

took it down with a screaming Yelp

it’s gone now good riddance to your meaningless spells

waking in the morning, troubled

expressing hope and beliving for my blessings doubled

Believing In the one who can change it all

now I start my day and awe

of mighty god

I’m going to win I’ve already won and it’s not depending on a rabbit’s Paw

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Coffee and toast
Costa blend I like
Dry Roast
I sit, ruminate
Challenge the mundane
My sanity cupped and supped
Getting me through the grey
As I amble through the mire
Another bow for my arrow.

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ciggarette, coffee and and
again and again
medicated wanderings
the mind wonders enhazed
ponders possibilities
of miracles in gray


What a good idea to put our day in a poem.
Feeling good

Wish I could eat more food
To raise my mood
But I don’t want to be fatter
Because that does matter
I’m reflecting on my feelings
Theres several things
Floating in my head
Things that have not been said
For now i’ll go to bed

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I did much nothing
I did little of something
I walked on the street

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I’m falling apart
This drilling nag, annoying drag ,stagnant unmovable troubling friction in my life
I’m ripped to pieces, my heart aches, my head throbs, my hands shake
I’m like a dirty rags hanging in the winds of destruction
The voices couldnt be much clearer,
Their clearer than day in my ear saying deduction, not Increase, losing not winning, but it drug concoction to kill the pain
I give in and I pick up the bottle
Something inside of me says don’t do it, don’t you remember
So I put it down, ease up on these thoughts of binging all night and pressing down on that dark throttle
The ticket on that Long Black Train is what they say

The pain hits again and again I pick up the bottle

And again.a still Small Voice warns and mourns inside of me
I put the bottle down for good this time and this decision will not break or bend
My world is becoming harder to live in
My Vision tried, I hear the voices in my head very very clearly
I need to keep it together just the grip for the rest of the day and
Then get some sleep wake up before the sun Dawn’s and pray

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I can’t describe the struggle, the pain,
the need for more energy,
the symbolic death I feel,
But I can tell you that, somehow,
I will be victorious.
From funeral march to military march,
that is everyday.


Woke up early 4 pushing for 430
two cigarettes left
trying so hard to quit the theft of my lungs healthiness
Today an energy a power a force I felt
not as long as I remember has my mind been in such great health
A fleshly proclivity tried to overtake me
but rooted and grounded in God’s love bitterness stood no chance of taking root in me
the day wasn’t over a snake tried to take a bite
but the father has always stood by my side
I shook it off into the fire and watched it die
I am still alive so good night

Day at the club after a week off
So slaving in the sun, worked my butt off.
Glad to have some wind down and a nice cold beer.
Stuff hard work , It’s not welcome here!

Smiley face!


Weather is nice
Food is good
I’m just chilling cos I’m in the mood
To chill
But still
I’ve been working too
In preparation for next week’s interview
I luv poems how about you??

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