I Believe in You, he says (poem)

believe in me
what i am and what i can be
believe in me
for i can be something better
i can out weigh the fat of life
i can obstruct the cruel injustices that forsake me
i want to put up a wall and say ‘you shall not pass’

i cannot let this thing walk all over me
i have got to fight and keep on fighting until i am dead
fight the deadliest foes of my mind
sent to test me

i have power on my side though
the best and the brightest of allies
and he believes in me
and i in him
he makes me feel strong and gives me the strength to keep going
keep getting better

one day at a time he says to me, one day at a time
stick with me and you will be alright
i listen and i learn, i take what i need
and it is enough

i am humble in his presence
forever humble
thank you Lord, i believe in you as well.


I just wanted to respond. You have been so kind to respond to my posts, and they haven’t been very popular. I think I expect too much, or I need a response which makes me needy. This is a very nice poem, and thank you for your courage to write it. It is appreciated, keep writing.

thanks @blessed1 you sound like a really nice person :slight_smile:

I genuinely like the first part of this poem. In writing classes they say a good poem or story has conflict. Your first two verses do. I wonder if some tension or conflict will ever make it’s way into your religious poems. Anyhow, keep writing.

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Beautiful. I really feel that without my God, I would be dead. I did notice the part where you say this is a test. I think you should read James 1:13 :slight_smile:

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