Put my kitty kins on a diet. Before and after photos of my cat

Before - she was so obese she couldn’t get a tom.

After - now she could be a Friskees model and all the toms are after her.


What’s her name? she’s beautiful. Hi kitty


I like first better.
Second looks malnutritioned


She looks too skinny @Leaf
The first picture looks a lot better


Cats are supposed to be fat. She’s cute though. Our cat is 24 pounds


@Wave this is actually supposed to be a joke. But I guess it’s not funny. The second picture where she is skinny is the picture I took on the day I got her from the Humane Society. They couldn’t get her to eat. The first picture is her now all fattened up for winter just like me. And she’s spayed and doesn’t need a tom just like me.

I have a weird sense of humor.



I’m happy your cat is fat and happy.

My kitty is kind of a chonker too LOL. :sweat_smile:


Lol. I can’t believe people would think I would diet my kitty to anorexia.


Kind of threw me off because she looks a lot younger in the after pic! Glad she’s healthy. You love her so much, and I know you take great care of her. :slight_smile:


Healthy feral cats are not obese or be described as chonkers. I think others are just pulling your leg.

She looks nice in after pic.

Omfg i fell for it too! But only because I’m on mobile and the userpics are so tinyI didn’t realize it was you! Im glad she’s so fat and happy now, and glad we have such compassionate people who wanted to make sure the kitty was healthy :rofl:


Please keep your car indoor at all times. Too many dangerous situations they can get in outside.


I was a wondering because one is mature cat and that other is a kitten. Doing good @Leaf. Cats are my favourite animal. They are so complex but loving but they accept you. You can’t fake it with a cat!

Kudos to looking after kitty kins and so jealous. Old man won’t let me have another cat!


Bad joke, @Leaf You know how gullible we szs are.

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Dear @rogueone my heart goes out to you. My kitty kins is definitely my joy. She’s the icing on the cake. When I decided to get a kitty there was the issue of a pet deposit to be put down. There was a way to avoid it by going to your doc and having the doc say you needed a therapy pet. Well, I skipped that whole process and just paid the deposit so I could get my pet sooner. Glad I did because I love this itty bitty sassy dynamo I got matched up with. But the surprising thing is, she is therapy for me way beyond my dreams. When she pounces into my arms for lovings and cuddles up and looks up at me, I feel all my stress melt away. She is like an anxiety pill I swear. Anyway, I hope that soon you will be able to get a kitty again, and all your dreams come true. I wish the apartment I lived at allowed 2 cats, but anyway kitty kins would never allow it.


I’m glad she looks so healthy now.
When I first adopted my cat Colette, she was scraggly and her coat was unhealthy.

I had to fatten her up a bit and her coat is now shiny and healthier.

She’s still on the skinny side but that’s because she’s so petite


Good work. Yea, I was just joking. I thought I would get called out immediately. And then I would explain, nah, you know she’s a little chubby right now because it’s been dipping down to like 3 degrees at night and she feels the chill in the air and thinks that means she should be putting on insulation even though it’s warm in here. But you were the one to call me out, and it took a while for you to see it. Good job standing up for kitties, lol.

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