tramatic stress disorder

is it possible to get PTSD from a episode of psychosis?

Wow. I literally JUST asked my therapist this a couple days ago. She couldn’t answer. She said she thinks it wouldn’t be called PTSD, but something else maybe.

Personally I’d say yes, because the experiences are indistinguishable from reality, so the memory is treated just like reality. Every time I see pics of my old job (had seriously intense paranoid experiences with coworkers) I start to panic. I even get nightmares about it.

there is after shocks from the tramatic experince of psychosis. i felt the most harrowing feeling one can feel each time going through it. so imo i have ptsd

it was so harrowing it can bring a tear drop to my eye.

The last time I met with my therapist she suggested just this, she said that it is almost as if I have PTSD from my psychosis. She doesn’t even know about my history of trauma either as it is not something I should talk about for there could easily be misunderstandings…can of worms and all that.

Psychotic and put in a mental hospital, that’s traumatic; I know.


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I would definitely say yes. An experience that happens only in the mind is just as painful or exhilarating as a real one. Your brain doesn’t know it is just making it up. So there really is no difference between thinking you are being hunted down and being hunted down.

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I am quite sure that it is not an exception by any diagnostic criteria. My psychotic years did something to me. I was already traumatized from being molested and nearly dying as a child. I have a friend who has PTSD and I have met another person with PTSD at school- both are combat veterans. I was told that I had serious trauma when I was evaluated when I was 19, I was also given the title “paranoid schizophrenic”.

And like @Futomimi said, we often can’t tell what is real or not. I know that I tend to avoid things associated with episodes, like cannabis, the smell of it makes me feel anxious.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Also can you get PTSD from existing, because life scares the crap out of me. I thought about life so much I think I screwed myself up somehow.

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I do believe that I get a hit of PTSD from some of my breaks.

There were a few… When I got stabilized and the fog began to clear… I was told what I had done to my kid sis, how I endangered her life… almost blew my own. That was very traumatic to me…

Or the time I nearly succeeded in leaving this life… waking up in hospital… and seeing how deeply upset and shell shocked my family was… that was very traumatic.

Even some of my perceptions during a break have caused me anxiety, and panic long after they faded. I just FEEL like that horrid taste never left me.