PTSD from traumatic psychosis...anyone else?

I have PTSD from all the ugly experiences I had in my imagination the last four months of my seven month psychosis back in 1998. It was so bad I didn’t put it in my book…and I won’t discuss the ugliness here either…best forgotten…I couldn’t put those images in your head…


Psychosis definitely made my ptsd worse. But I don’t think it started it for me personally. I had it before. But then it became more severe when psychosis began and proceeded.


I have mild PTSD according to the doc. I didn’t check all the boxes. But I do feel trauma. Especially when I get stressed, then I relive the trauma!


We already had PTSD, but a delusion of mine paired with a nightly hallucination definitely traumatized me and to this day I have to avoid triggers related to it.

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Maybe if it was sex. There’s also viruses before I was born, a soccer ball that knocked me to the ground, and a soap dish that gashed my eye when I was a baby. Oh yeah my Dad decided to cheat on my Mom when I was a baby and she caught him.

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