Psychosis Worse in Summer?

Hi everyone,

I’m sure I read somewhere that there are more psychosis hospital admissions during the summer than during the winter. I can’t remember where I saw it first exactly, but it was certainly a scientific study. It’s also stated here:

So basically, hospital admissions peak in the summer and are at their lowest during the winters months - why could this be?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Weird, you’d think it’d be the other way around because things like depression are typically worse in the winter when it is cold and dark.

Actually now that I think about it all my major psychotic episodes for the past few years have been during the summer time. But for me it was because of the lack of structure in my day. Summer meant no regular school or anything, I was often left to my own devices and alone for long periods of time.

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You might want to consider this factor:

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Felt really depressed and hopeless this season because had my problems escalate felt like going away to a nice retreat instead of going to a hospital but I can’t have to go to work and can’t sacrifice the time or the money.

That’s my issue too. Even when I really probably should be doing inpatient or even just having a break I can’t afford to. It’s awful and not a safe/healthy thing.