Psychosis dream not real

So in my psychosis in the whore of babylon. I told my mom and she told me stay away from my ex husband… He’s just too sexy for me to not want to fk like be happy for me mother.
I could tell any witch and they’d like it… But I tell my mother n she’s damming me to hell. He’s my fiance in this psychosis bc theres no physical sex yet 111111… However i need him really bad,*I try everything… I want to stop being so sexually needy for him but can’t help it…
Im archon I need the D. MOM DOESNT UNDERSTAND.
I KEEP IMAGINING HIM AND IM OPEN FOR HIM LIKE DOORS WIDE OPEN JUST WAITING… I can’t help it. I’m horny for him I need him really bad and religion is tearing me apart.
He did something to change me. Whatever he did gave me a crown and 8 keep seeing myself wearing a nefettiti crown. I don’t want to b evil but I can’t turn off horniness and wanting him
Hws so sexy I thought of him and baby lucifer and my heart needle and orgasms just kick fired…

I’m sorry but this sounds really delusional…please consult with your pdoc about this.

I am worried for you…you are not going to conceive baby lucifer if that is what you mean? you are ill I think.

Anti psychotic medication will help.

You have been posting very incoherent and delusional things. As people already said: seek treatment. Try to recover and help others recover. Imho it isnt good for others either to read such things as you are posting.

I take anti psychotic helped good. I am a full blown schizophrenic

It was a dream, that’s it. a dream. Sooner you learn your dream have no meaning, the better off you’ll be, One time hitler tried banging down my bedroom walls, and was trying to have sex with me, very disturbing and I still go crazy if something on TV about a documentary on him comes on. ITS NOT REAL!! It gets fine when you become aware and remember what is going on in your head in the dream then your like

“I just want to wake up please!!” then you are trapped, and things take a very sharp EVIL turn. I’ve learned the longer you don’t give thought into the dreams, the darker your room/ you’ll turn out ok.

I had a pdoc tell me to stop sharing my wacky dream experiences to group as they are delusions, they stopped and got less

I know it’s hard to leave someone you feel comfortable with. But he may not be helpful for you. You are strong enough to do life without him if you decide!

OMG I couldn’t even finish I got so wound up. All my delusional thinking steamed from what I read about the whore of Babylon in Revelations and Jeremiah’s prophecies.

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