Psychosis art poetry lyrics

i didnt mention, but i write/pretend to write rap lyrics.

it doesnt matter if things seem loosely connected or people dont get it on their first listen. they will eventually get it, those who deserve (have actually listened carefully and thought about it). it just has to have an impact and make people think/feel.

Sorry, I don’t agree with what you think you’re trying to do
No one loves psychotic art, so much to see the meaning behind it

it could be explained. and the literal meaning is good too. and theres also
people like foreign music with lyrics they dont understand. so i see no problem if they dont get the lyrics. the beat and flow would be enjoyable anyway.

i just think most sz people have this “i’m sick, thats bad, nothing good can come from it” vitimist mentality.

Id just compare this to wanting to get psychotic so that you can be more spiritual/ understand people more / exercise more / meditate more
I think it’s risky
By the time you’re insane you could just end up writing porn or something you don’t want to write

True. In truth, I don’t know what makes me like a song. It just has to have a certain sound to it. There are songs I like because of their lyrics, but not too many.

yeah. actually, i have anedoctal evidence. when i was beginning to get psychotic i felt extremely spiritual, and my social interactions became AMAZING. it felt almost as if i could read minds. every conversation seemed perfect, like i could really understand other people, a lot of empathy. then it became bad and i became paranoid, but could still read people. in fact, i think what goes off control in psychosis, a super fast brain who starts to make a lot of connections / delusions, also makes people read people awesomally. but thats just my experience.

yeah. i think i went a little off with tellings songs doesn’t need to be logical. but i think they require MUCH LESS “logical thought” than other stuff like engineering tests (which i take every week). if theres one thing im afraid of losing is my math/physics ability.