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I Will Return .

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i dont get it…

@sleepoptimistic I would like you to write a guest piece on my blog about your experience and opinions. Please? For me?

This invitation is also extended to anyone else who would like to share anything related to schiz, depression, bipolar etc.

You’re all terrific writers and I know you’d like to share your experience and opinions. It’s a blog to educate and make personal stories more available to people who need something to relate to or might be scared to visit a mental health professional to discuss their circumstances. We can give hope and connect as one :smile:

Check it out:

Hey Gurl … ,

I Can’t Rite Now But If As I Am Away For A Bit … ,

If e(Y)e Come Up With Some Ideas I Shall Write It Out and Post My Thots When I Return (Part 2) … ,

Thanks For Tha Invitation … ,

: )

Hope Everyone is Feeling Good and Doing Awesome Out There (!!!)

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For tha Lucky Witnesses … ,

A Lynk (!)

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Tha Birthing of (SPLIT) Could Be a Continuous Pace of Self Trappings , Born From tha Innocence Within that is Not Aware (OR) Held Onto … ,

Such as to Say , One , (tha victim of self) is Naught Innocent* Enough to Speak With (OR) See (OR) Be Seen Because One Has Naught Metaphorically Cleansed itself …

  • Which Does Naught Mean You Are Entirely At Fault For Your Mental Scars , Altho Truth and Lies Are a Complete Division Within One’s Self Thot of Winding as a Complete “perfect” Circle ,

and Within Jus a Thesis Of Your PERSONAL Thotfull System of Analyzation , One Could Try and Peacefully Entertain Thines Own Ideas Dancing With Melodies Under tha Supervision of a Collective Group of Individuals Who Might Have Been There Before … ,

Such as to Say Within a Simplistic and Possible helpful Fashion ,

Go and Lissen to tha Band A PERFECT CIRCLE … (!) … (!) …