Psychosis and stimulant

I was on concerta for 3 weeks and as it is in short supply i stop it and my positive symptoms become worse i am on olanzapine 20 mg you think it gets worsen because of stimulant?

Are you saying your positive symptoms are worse from being on it or from coming off of it?

Stimulants can bring on psychosis or exhasperate it .

I had some anxious thoughts before the stimulant but after taking it and stopping the anxious thoughts got worse

Did you stop it abruptly? I wonder if it could be a little withdrawal from the med. I’ve experienced the same thing.

Hopefully your anxiety will lessen as time goes by.

You can always message your doctor to advise.

Is concerta a stimulant? If it is, your positive symptoms should have been worse, when you were on it. People with psychosis are supposed to avoid stimulants.

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yes, I cut it short, your positives decreased or increased?

Did you continue the stimulants?

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