Psychomotor retardation


Anyone have psychomotor retardation symptoms.

Examples of psychomotor retardation include the following:

  • Unaccountable difficulty in carrying out what are usually considered “automatic” or “mundane” self-care tasks for healthy people (i.e., without depressive illness) such as taking a shower, dressing, self-grooming, cooking, brushing one’s teeth and exercising.
  • Physical difficulty performing activities which normally would require little thought or effort such as walking up a flight of stairs, getting out of bed, preparing meals and clearing dishes from the table, household chores or returning phone calls.
  • Tasks requiring mobility suddenly (or gradually) and inexplicably seem to be “impossible.” Activities such as shopping, getting groceries, caring for the daily needs of one’s children and meeting the demands of employment or school are commonly affected.
  • Activities usually requiring little mental effort can become challenging. Balancing one’s checkbook, making a shopping list or making decisions about mundane tasks (such as deciding what errands need to be done) are often difficult.

Any drug or supplement help this condition?

Thank you

I had it. Nothing helps. Only time

I have it.
For me it’s part of the depression and meds I take.

I struggle with a lot of things described there.

Doctors are only interested (Mainly) in treating potentially dangerous positive symptoms.

I see this through the opinion that therapy isn’t that helpful.

Still, I am giving it a go and going along with the treatment I have been prescribed

Try Abilify, it improved my negatives by 40%.

This is the main symptom I experiencing over the years. It started with a small issue and getting progressively worse. I first think it was anhedonia, depression etc but now realize its all due to this issue. At first I had issue with solving math problems I wondered why I can’t understand it even if tried many times. It appear that this issue make it hard to think in depth or complex which is required for maths and other subjects. Slowly it made doing everything as a complex task.

What changes you notice on ablify? Is you able to multitask better (better working memory). If play cognitive games like lumosity, neuronation etc able to get better score?

Abilify is a dopamine modulator unlike most other meds. It increases dopamine when its low and decreases it when its high. Rexulti and Vraylar also work this way.

Working memory improved? Try playing train of thought game in lumosity. It makes use of working memory and planning ability.

When I was on 25mg I was able to multitask like driving while talking on the phone and with friends etc Abilify made me more social, I hanged out with many friends to clubs, bars, cinema, restaurants, etc I was also able to go to the gym and bath everyday.

I will ask my pdr to increase my Abilify to 5mg.

Your weight gain may be due to ablify.

Weight Gain

Researchers in 2009 studied second-generation antipsychotic medications, including Abilify, and their association with “rapid and significant” weight gain in youth. Their study published in JAMA found first-time use of the medications was associated with significant weight gain.

Study participants who took aripiprazole gained 9.7 pounds after an average of about 11 weeks of treatment. A group of participants who didn’t take the drug gained less than half a pound.

Researchers wrote that previous studies also found weight gain in adults taking the drug, but it was not as rapid and as significant as in youth. In general, the drug’s effects on weight are thought to be less than other antipsychotics.

Since ablify helping you I think other dopamine partial agonist substances help. Tyrosine is a good try.

No I was 90lb less when on Abilify because I was more physically active, gym and walking with friends everyday.

Have you tried these subsatnces.

Macuna puriens (l dopa), l tyrosine, n acetyl l tyrosine.

Abilify doesn’t just increase dopamine it also reduces it when its high. Otherwise I would have psychosis

These cause psychosis, why?

No these are natural supplements to improve dopamine in brain.

I think these help just like ablify without the side effects.