Psychologies - Why adults are going back to colouring books

Colouring in may well be something you remember fondly from your childhood – or indeed something your own children enjoy now.

But this simple activity has been making headlines lately, especially in France, where colouring books for grown-ups are selling faster than cook books, according to trade publication Livres Hebodo. And many Facebook groups dedicated to displaying colouring and offering tips on where to find the best books or art materials have sprung up across the channel as a result.


My sis still uses coloring books when I’m having a bad day. She’ll just quietly break them out and calmly color, and eventually so will I. Now that she’s dealing with our other brother… she’s been downloading “positive affirmation” coloring pages.

She has used coloring books as sort of a calm activity for years. Just because she likes them… who knew.

That is one thing I remember during my time in hospital and my stint in the group home… my sis and her coloring books. She has a continual stash in her babysitting bag.

She doesn’t say anything… she just sets it out there with some crayons and she’ll set to work on hers… and eventually, your brain just HAS to pick up the crayon.


I tried coloring years ago. I got bored with it - I don’t know.

My mother enjoyed coloring books. It was very relaxing for her and she often colored with the grand-kids.


I like coloring books. I have a couple. One is mandalas, geometric shapes, flowers, and birds. I’m bringing them with me on my trip to Cali. Its an 8 hour trip with a layover in Chicago. I find coloring very relaxing. I like using colored pencils or watercolor pencils with a paintbrush. I’ve gotten into Spectrum Noir markers which are like Copic’s but cheaper. I also like rubber stamping and then coloring in the stamped images. I did these stamped peonies and then watercolor painted them.