Psychiatrist appt and blood pressure

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday, which went fine. She kept my meds the same; I’ll see her again in a couple months.

Before seeing the doctor, an MA took my blood pressure. It was 125/94; it was down significantly from a week ago when I saw my nurse for my injection, when it was 152/108.

A diastolic pressure of 94 is a little high, but certainly better than it was, and a systolic pressure of 125 is actually quite healthy.

The difference was that I avoided nicotine for an hour leading up to my appointment. I knew my pressure would be lower, just didn’t realize it would be that big of a difference.

It seems if I want to lower my bp I have to give up nicotine, since I don’t have health insurance to get a GP to prescribe me medication for it.


Yeah, nicotine has a huge effect on blood pressure. I’ve noticed a change in mine since lowering my intake.

Just chalk it up to another why we should quit.

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