Psychedelic-like Hallucinations


Who here gets psychedelic kinds of hallucinations? I see the floor swirling, floor breathing or bubbling, doorknobs changing position on the door, screens zooming in and out when they aren’t… Stuff like that.

My doctor sounded surprised that I have these kinds of hallucinations. Who here has similar experiences? What are yours like?


I occasionally get these – but they’ve been tampered due to the meds. I still see shadow figures out of the corner of my eye, and I do get that “swirling” of objects sometimes, like you described. But thank god for meds…


I once had flowers singing to me


Pretty sure @Anna had/has hallucinations like this.


Yes I have very similar/the same hallucinations, my doctor also found it interesting. These hallucinations are actually more related to hallucinogen use and are not typical for psychosis, though I have never used hallucinogens. Hallucinogens like LSD work by binding to the 5HT2A receptor, and I happened to discover that medications with high affinity to this receptor worked the best for my psychosis, whereas ones that focus mostly on dopamine receptors did nothing but give me side effects. I believe people with this kind of psychosis may have a different origin of illness than those with typical schizophrenia, one that may not involve dopamine imbalance at all but rather serotonin.


I have had a few minor ‘psychedelic’ type hallucinations, but I suspect they might have been induced by anti-depressants. Are you on anti-depressants?
PS. I just read Anna’s reply. The serotonin hypothesis would make good sense if antidepressants are involved.


Yes, I take Zoloft. What do you take?


I also take Zoloft, and until recently, combar (mirtazapin).


I used to get a little bit of these. Meds have erased them.


I enjoy the visual and audio hallucinations, I call it the “movies”, it beats any entertainment on earth, but I complain about the tactile hallucinations of bugs running all over me when I’m trying to sleep. I asked the pdoc to leave my insanity in place and just remove the bugs, and they had no idea on how to do that, they just suggest shutting down the whole consciousness, which still doesn’t get the bugs off. But yeah I talk to the creatures that look at me through the wood and marble walls and floors and they show me whole animated scenes that describe things that humans never could teach me, about a spirit world outside and all around the human world. I always say demons are nothing to be afraid of, just a portal to information that mankind doesn’t otherwise have access to.


o man i had this one time where i had a hullucination like this…it was so weird. it was when i was in the hospital and first starting taking meds (which can temporarily worsen symptoms) and it was dark and this “projection” came before my eyes of like…an old television show. it was like everything else faded into the background for a moment