Psych meds change your personality

Psych meds do a lot of good, but they also do a lot of bad things to the body and mind. I noticed that these meds actually change your personality as well. Antipsychotics pacify people, making them less outgoing - it happened to me on Abilify, not so much Risperdal. These meds can induce anxiety, fear, irritability, lack of focus, withdrawal, isolation, anger, short attention spans, indifference, depression, etc … Sounds a lot like symptoms of different mental illnesses. Maybe it not so much the illness, but the side effects of these powerful psychotropic medications. I am both confused and pissed off - I have had enough of all the ■■■■■■■■ that is flying around - No I am not anti-psychiatry


they are the most heavy duty drugs on the market. That’s true. They are known for being ridiculously powerful and causing serious side effects. You have to try different ones- there are SO MANY on the market to try. Theyr’e making new schizophrenia meds as we speak. Keep hopeful.

If a normal person were to take my dose of Geodon, they would fall into what looks like a coma for 12 hours. But its just deep deep sleep. I take mine with a cup of coffee and im wide awake, i obviously need it.

Antipsychotics are a blessing and a curse- they fix one thing and create another problem. More meds for side effects. it sucks. Thats where i am at. But it will change in time.


You are right @Wave. APs mimic a lot of negative symptoms. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to tell which is which. For me, high doses of high-potency meds like Prolixin or Haldol pacify and numb me. I also can’t think straight and have a limited attention span. I also lose interest. An old pdoc prescribed Lexapro, but it was a useless piece of ■■■■. At least for what it was intended for - I didn’t have depression. Now on a low dose of Haldol, I function just fine with no side effects.

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