Prozac induced high

I have a question about other people’s experience with Prozac or any antidepressant meds I’ve been off of Prozac since I was 21 however Prozac made me feel like I was invincible I wouldn’t sleep and it felt like I was intoxicated I’d laugh at everything I flooded sinks I did inappropriate stuff that I don’t wanna say I also used to taken more than prescribed I’m wondering if Prozac induced intoxication is common among people with Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type

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I got high off Wellbutrin when I was on no other meds back in 2010. Also an antidepressant

If I took 1 I’d be stoned, 2 I’d trip balls, and 3 would take me to another galaxy with bugs crawling on me and ■■■■

This ultimately lead to my first hospitalization

I’m also dxd schizoaffective bipolar type

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It sort of sounds like the Prozac made you manic. I’ve gone manic on several antidepressants. I even had to be hospitalized. But I’ve tried others that didn’t cause mania. And it also depends on the dose, you have to get that right to. Now I take a max dose of Cymbalta and I have no mania and it treats my depression and anxiety very well.

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I was going to say the same thing. Antidepressants can make you manic, if you’re bipolar or schizoaffective bipolar type. I can’t take antidepressants anymore because they screw up my mood even more. I just take a mood stabilizer now.


What about visual hallucinations. Wellbutrin caused me to have visual hallucinations

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@Blossom from what was explained to me there’s very little risk of mania with Cymbalta for whatever reason. If you end up depressed keep in mind for something to try.


Well, I’m not sure about antidepressants (for me), but other random medications caused me to visually hallucinate pretty hardcore. Like a pill asthma med, Singulair. That messed me up.

But yeah, I could see why the antidepressants could make you hallucinate.


I started Wellbutrin again a year later.

I said to my doctor “well whatever u do dont give me Wellbutrin”

Then immediately he convinced Wellbutrin was the med for me

It was fine at first until I stopped my zyprexa

Was still on lithium, lamictal, klonopin and Wellbutrin

Started having the Truman delusion and lead to me getting arrested in a psychotic episode, gun pulled on me by the cops. I just laughed the whole time he had a gun pointed at me

Then the same pdoc put me on clozaril ASAP.

Was a rough time.

All I needed was abilify so I can be on a med without side effects.

I had tried Thorazine, haldol, zyprexa. They all worked but I stopped em all in contest of the bad side effects and my poor insight. So he puts me on clozapine. Ridiculous!!!

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That experience sounds horrible! :frowning: I’m sorry you went through that.

But it sounds like Abilify is working? If so, that’s great. :smiley: I’m taking Latuda. It’s helping, for the most part.


Yes I’ve been recovering from a lot of things making progress every day since I started abilify February 3rd, 2014. Definitely was a game changer for me, as well as my naltrexone. And Thorazine prn is helping too.

There’s been set backs but I’m happy where I am now. Glad latuda helps you also!!


Yeah Prozac made me think I was a professional wrestler and I had visions of saving the world but I take Wellbutrin max dose and a very small dose of Zoloft to much Zoloft will mess me up big time I usually rapid cycle and get mixed episodes