Proud of myself and sweep

hi, me and sweep have been doing lots today

she had her carpet fitted and it was a lot of work (4hrs)
moving furniture and helping the guy doing the job but bot did it feel good
i felt we had achieved something so massive i never thought i could have done it
i was doing a lot more than i ussually do and my stress levels were not through the roof as usual, i think my new anxiety med has a lot to do with it, it has taken some of the side effects away bc i feel more alert now and more relaxed at the same time, i am not overly tired either just mellow and the knots ar all nice and loose now but i still need to do a bit more to be able to straighten them out completely, so grateful for this new med,

tonight (after 3hr rest) we will be ready to go and visit my mum who has been very depressed lately and we are going to shout her a take away and things so today has and is going to be the most productive day i have ever had for a long time, i am so surprised i have been able to cope with all of this it is amazing and writing this too.

another bit of good news is that my luggage claim came through today and i got a cheque through the post :slight_smile: £600 :smiley: so obviously i am just sooo grateful, what a day haha and its only going to get better, christmas coming up, carol service tomorrow and cake and then the night service will be awesome, then going to spend some time with my family for xmas dinner and just have a great time :slight_smile:

hope all is well with you guys :thumbsup: if you are doing well keep it up and if not well i hope you feel better soon, these things don’t last forever :slight_smile: tomorrow is another day so lets try and make the most of it :slight_smile:


Good for you! Sounds like you are keeping busy and managing things well. Hope things keep going well for you! :smiley:


Don’t forget to sleep. I like it that you go to services at Christmas. Makes the rest of our holidays seem pointless.

Days like this are the reason why I always carry hope. When we achieve things we subconsciously feel better about our selves and more comfortable to deal with the surroundings. Good for you.

I agree with pob, I wish I could attend a service at least at Christmas and Easter but I am too afraid to go to church.

thats ok Jukebox and pob you don’t need to go, i just like it

i am going every week and sometimes i go to a prayer meeting and its great

my mum is having a bad time just now so i asked her along no pressure i said she can come if she wants and i know she liked the christmas tree festival with the assorted trees :slight_smile:

there is never any pressure to go there it is up to you, i was welcomed into the church and the people are so friendly its great for social interaction and it can be very uplifting,
singing is great if you can try lol i keep my voice low and try and sing quietly lol because i am not a great singer but i am improving all the time and i sometimes don’t sing because it depends on my mood but christmas is the best time for it with all the carols and things :thumbsup: