Progress, not perfection

It’s what they say in AA. If you read the Big Book, go to meetings and work the steps you’ll learn quickly that AA isn’t just about getting sober. It shows you a new way to live. If you follow a few simple principles and practice honesty and are willing to change you can live a good life you never dreamed of.

They also say that you will strive to better yourself and you can make measurable progress in being a better person but you will never be perfect. So don’t get your hopes up that you will some day be some perfect person, whether you are recovering from alcoholism, addiction or even mental illness. I know first hand that AA not only got me sober but it made me a better, more honest person. When I was really into it, I tried to really live the way they tried to teach me. And it made me happier. I’ve gotten away from the program now but I still try to be a good person and help others and I’m inspiring myself to go home and not only read my daily meditations book but pray tonight.
It can only help.


I agree.
Progress not perfection.


That’s awesome @77nick77. Sounds like AA really works, and is a blessing.


Good for you @77nick77 . I could always tell you had character and integrity. That comes across on this forum.

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That’s cool, man. Your sobriety and the life you’ve managed to build are inspirational. I like the “progress, not perfection” thing. It’s possible and it makes sense.

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