Problems studying

So i realized a weird thing today. Normally when i read either the forums or memes pr talk to my friends i have no big problems reading unless the voices are really persistent. But when im studying or really concentrated on i guess learning something i find important nothing makes sense. I read words i know individually, but when i read the whole sentance they make no sense. It like i know the alphabet but dont know the word menings. Also if i try hard enough to actually understand what im reading those damned voices tell me other words and make me read totally diffrent words for example the word is iron and i read iraq etc. is this normall? Anyone else had anything similar? Thanks guys:)

I do have a problem with studying. For one, my anxiety amps up. If I’m just gabbing here, I’m not going to get tested on this, and I have time to sit and reread and I’m in a more relaxed state of mind.

But when I study, I do get anxious because

  1. Text books aren’t always written well or laid out well
  2. I get nervous hoping I’m not missing something important
  3. It’s a new concept that my brain just won’t absorb yet

Also, I have a dose of dyslexia. I’m sure I do. I see words back wards sometimes, and it runs in the family. I see numbers backwards too. If the meeting is in room 21, I go to room 12.

I just figure, Sz has cross wired my brain with everything else, I could see myself have dyslexia on top of it. My spell check is blinking off the chart with letters I’ve reversed as I type.

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I think I have a mild form of dyslexia as well. I have asked some people and it’s possible most people do. Just the other day I had a hard time understanding the deal my hubby and the guy at the sub shop were discussing. It just didn’t make sense to me. I read, re-read over and over and couldn’t get it. I read it wrong… Took me about 5 minutes to read it right.

I think reading words like iron and iraq wrong can be fairly normal. We tend to read more by experience then by reading the letters themselves.

Keep in mind this is considered to be a hoax.

As J is pointing out, reading because you want to with no stress/expectations and reading to learn are two different scenarios. Maybe try allowing extra time when studying so that you don’t have to feel pressured about doing it.

What it says:
This message serves to prove how our
minds can do amazing things!
Impressive things! In the beginning
it was hard but now, on this line your
mind is reading it automatically
with out even thinking about it,
be proud! Only certain people can read
Please forward if you can read this : )…


Since I have studied and researched on dyslexia and dyscalculia and designed assessments to understand them, I really understand the cognitive performance after I received medications are those we would like to describe in people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD and autism. I understand now how they could read pictures and words but not verbal communications.

I want to say, to me, diagnosis is not an important question to ask. Knowing about that it is related to toxic halogens and that the cognitive damage is REVERSABLE by ingestion of iodine /iodide is more important to us.

Actually, this is a situation shared by a group of family who have their children with ADHD / Autism, and a lot of other patients with different kinds of cancer.

I now understand why those parents are so keen of chelation and said it is helping.

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This thing is making my brain hurt. I get what they are trying to do, and it’s catching on a bit, but Wow that is hard to look at eh? :wink:

I can read a full book in a few days and feel inspired by what I read and ready to read more. But I can only get through my text book one chapter at a time. The way it’s worded and laid out and footnoted… Ouch.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid. Lots of Ritalin for me.

I really want to help you to get them ALL out!

Yes it can be hard to look at. Now I know what they are when I see them and mentally take a step back. Hopefully this doesn’t trigger anyone :frowning: If it does let me know and I will remove it.

I can read a romance novel a day :wink: but studying I have never been good at.

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Ya a few weeks ago “higher order” reading and thinking really hurt my brain. I wish u can take some rest and detox yourself of the toxic halide before u try to focus on study again.

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It just looks like a code to me. Please don’t take it down on my account. It’s really interesting. If I was more numeric I would have written my old journals like this and taught my sis this as a kidnapper code. But something in my artistic brain chose the brail code I made up.

I’m so glad to be writing in English. I hate to admit it, but when people use “text phone” english on here, it takes me so much longer to read it. My brian just keeps looking at the number sticking out amongst all the letters and I end up wondering why. ( GR8 or I 4get)

I’ve been wondering about the detox thing and I live in a big city.

I can’t give up swimming. It really helps me on many levels. I like the endorphins, I like the repetitive of it, I like the quiet of underwater, I like the feel of floating, it keeps my back from hurting because I can use my back and not put pressure on it. I like the “young at hearts” in my kid sisters water ex class, I like the calm serenity that a pool can have. (kid rec swim and kid swim team excluded.) I get tired enough not to feel hyper and anxious at night.

Swimming helps me so much mentally. It is the ONE simple joy that this disease somehow didn’t take from me. I’m very grateful for that.

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I think u can still swim!

I have some ideas about detoxing. Would u mind if I give u more information?

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I would welcome your information. I’m always open to new ideas and information.

But I hope you don’t mind me saying this… long text with lots of heavy scientific info are a bit hard for me to read.

Heavy info in medium or short posts are so much easier for me to understand.

@goggles how long have you been detoxing? How is it working for you? Are you taking meds at the same time? Also i heard alot of iodine is not good either. It can cause thyroid problems which are bisible here in eastern europe in the old generation. Becouse of the chernobyl they had to drink alot of iodine which resulted in lots of thyroid problems no.

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@SurprisedJ You will find one of the best iodine / bromine / fluorine loading and spot test here. It would be great if u and Riley can have a test because u are probably exposed to similar toxins in the environment.

I find take down food really disturb me when I have bromine / fluorine in my blood stream. I am like the cancer kid in Sixth Sense who finds eating very intolerable.

They also sold Lugo tablets and its cofactors. They have a protocol to prepare u with iodine detox and a salt loading protocol to help u through the process.

Iodine and it’s cofactors could help u detox the toxic halides and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

You might add some more items at a later time. Okay, the lab is

Also take a look at breastcancerchoice they have some good information, special attention to the detox-bromine symptoms.

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I have looked into that. David Brownstein says, iodine is the most misunderstood nutrients. It is the only medicine used by physicians for a long time in history and it treats most disease.

Iodism is one of those demythed nowadays. It is actually the toxic halides that are released into your blood stream that caused the uncomfortable feelings. You will find some concise but important information in breastcancerchoice. You should find them out.

Actually, iodine is not poisoning but therapeutic. Every cells in our body needs iodine to function well. Iodine’s radioactive isotope is accountable for the hypersensitivity and potential danger but not iodine itself. Ironically, however, doctors in general would use the radioactive isotope on treatment of thyroid patients but they don’t dare to put the useful iodine on us.

There is a complete revolutionary view on iodine, thyroid disorder and mental disorders and their treatment that has come out. Don’t miss them. If u like to read more, find out about David Brownstein, mark Sircus and Guy Abraham.

I have posted some links. Read them all!

Okay, I’ll answer all of your questions. I’m off med for a year. I was on med for three years previously. I dont think the voices have left me while i was on med. I think while on med, we are not much different. I’m bed ridden and get sicker and sicker.

The last month on med, I was still hearing voices. I broke into a full episode and then the voices told me to get off med but take a lot of my multivitamins.

And then I walked out of the psychosis totally, without any positive and negative symptoms ever since then.

I figured having voices or not are independent of taking antipsychotics.

The last year I was off med, I face my reality of severe cognitive impairments, like what u have described. I have all the cognitive and behavioral symptoms of all kinds of brain disorders.

I’m getting a little bit better over the past 9 months. But my overall health is that - I can hardly manage a little social conversation. I need frequent bed rest. I have sleeping problems.

I have began to think about what it is on April and find out a lot that is helpful to understand what is going on.

I think it is hormone, endocrine, thyroid, iodine, and then i find out it is the toxic halides.

I started on supplementing myself with iodine and it’s cofactors for about 10 days. The third day I received my second cognitive assessment because I was nominated to research projects. My performance in some memory tests is like going from 10% to 90% after three days on iodine. Some of my physical symptoms are reliefed. And I can manage three hours sessions of group discussion now, actively contributing to it. I can’t even listen to a simple sentence and list of three words like u described a few days ago.

So, as the detox goes on, more toxic halides are pulled out from my body tissue into my blood streams and then I feel exactly what is the negative symptoms for a few hours before I gave myself more vit c and unrefined pink salts to de-bromine. Today I still feel a little bit waxy crocoach like. I anticipated that it takes a year or two to successfully detox myself.

Actually I wrote a lot about my findings. Go read them.

for me it is normal, i jump words, can’t read long posts,i read a word but it changes to another word, or i doubt how a word is spelt when i write it…the list goes on, but you just have to persevere…you will get there.
lots of muggles people have this problem…
take care

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i had no problem reading that, in fact my mind found it easier than normal, it actually made sense to me , thanks.
take care

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