PRN's for Anxiety

I have to give a 5-minute presentation next Thursday and I see my pdoc on this week. He’s offered me a PRN in the past but I didn’t take it. I want to ask him for a script to get me through the presentation and help with the anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been having lately. I’ve used Xanax in the past, Klonopin made me to drowsy and Trazadone put me to sleep. I’m worried about getting addicted to Xanax or abusing it.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? What PRN works for you? and how soon before my presentation should I take it - a couple of hours or 1/2 hour before?

After doing a little online research i read about beta blockers. Any have experience using these? are they effective?

If u take an anxiety med that is a narcotic I would recommend taking as needed, because I was on lorazepam for a while daily and It became less effective. Atleast I think their narcotics? Just my 2 cents.

i have tried lorazapam and diazapam. i prefer loraz as it kicks in quicker and dosnt last as long but the diaz takes a bit longer to work but lasts longer. but this is just for me. everyone is different

Inderal (propranolol) works well for me. I’ve been taking it for a long time and I’m on 40mgs twice a day now, but I think that may be a high dose. I think it can be taken PRN.

I take Klonopin daily, but it does not mix well with the Lamictal for me it seems to make me high, so I am cutting back on the Klonopin dose to a tiny dose - I dont need it as much now. Ativan generic lorazepam is quite a good clean benzo also, my old man and brother take it as needed and they love it

propranolol( a beta blocker) is effective for me too.

Ativan worked for me. I’ve moved around several times and a couple times my doctor prescribed Ativan as a PRN to lessen the stress of moving into a new city. I would take it for a week or two until I got acclimated to my new surroundings, then he would take me off it. I have to be VERY careful with those things since I am a recovering drug addict.

Propanolol. It’s a beta-blocker, musicians take it to combat stage fright and it is commonly used for presentations. Even 10mg 20 mins before a performance will keep you from sweating and keep your heart rate down. Wanna know how anxious I am? I take 80mg ER every day and Xanax.

Well the presentation is over with, phew! The pdoc took me off strattera (for ADHD) as a side effect of that is anxiety. He wouldn’t give me a PRN. But I got through it, just a little shaky and sweaty. Now for finals next week.

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