Premature ejaculation for guys

Why when I am not on meds I feel I am in control when to ejaculate and so on,but since I am on meds I couldn’t control my ejaculation and my sex last 5min or lesser.

This really makes me feel like going off them

I just googled it and got to know I have severe pre mature ejaculation. I dont even touch it and there goes my story. :sob:

I orgasm faster without meds.


On Risperdal it’s a one hour chore to orgasm.
Barely anything comes out. (TMI)

I’m sure it would be better off meds.

But I can’t come off my meds.

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I’ve never suffered from this. I might have the opposite problem of lasting too long.

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When I have sex with a girl I can last 30min on average if I want. When masturbating I just last 5 min lol Without meds I can ejaculate many consecutive times but since being on meds I can only ejaculate once in an hour. I am fine with both with or without meds.

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