Prawns - tails should be cut off from the prawn!

I ate many prawns In Sri Lanka - the tails are the worst part as they get stuck in your throat. But they make a nice curry otherwise,

I can’t remember how to eat prawns. Don’t you have to remove all the shell and only eat the middle bit?

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The last time I ate prawns it was tempura prawns at a Japanese restaurant. The tails are left on while the rest of the shell is removed before dipping in tempura batter and deep frying. You’re not supposed to eat the tails. I always assumed the tails were left on so you could hold the prawn by the tail when dipping it in sauce and eating it.


I nearly choked on a prawn tail in Sri Lanka,.

did you chew? l

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The end of a prawn, no chewing!

But can I explain? - prawns in Sri Lanka are so much cheaper than the UK and USA! And they are fresh seafood.

Your supposed to rip off tail first and then peel the shell.

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