Pramipexole (Mirapex) for anhedonia and negative symptoms?


Did you already tried Prami? Or when are you planning in starting it? In the meantime I’ve tried Memantine, it back-fired on my symptoms, causing me to feel more depressed and psychotic. Right now I’m experimenting with Parnate (a MAOI), so far so good for my depression, for negative symptoms, it’s too soon to tell and the dosage is too low I’m guessing, I’m just on 20mg. My dad is in a foreign country where meds are less regulated and I was planning on ordering and trying Odansetron next for negative symptoms or should I go for Prami? I’m a bit reluctant with dopamine agonist though, so far the dopamine agonist have brought me no success (except Parnate on this low dose, even on this low dose I’ve been on for just 2 weeks I’ve noticed a slight decrease in positive symptoms).


Just so everyone is clear pramipexole is not a stimulant. Dr. Fawcett just answered all of my questions in one single paragraph


Haven’t tried it yet…Currently trying effexor (no success with it). I’m going to ask to try prami next…I had read on Ondansetron but for some reason didn’t get a good impression from it. It’s a 5-ht3 antagonist. Mirtazapine is also a 5-ht3 antagonist, among other things, and I haven’t heard about many people suffering from negative symptoms having success with it… Maybe Ondansetron is a more powerful 5-ht3 antagonist than mirtazapine and therefore could be more useful? (haven’t looked into it)

There are a few studies that have shown Ondansetron to be beneficial for negative symptoms but in those studies they use scales like the PANSS which includes many things that I don’t agree should be considered as negative symptoms…and they don’t specify which negative symptoms it helped the most with

As far as parnate is concerned, and other maoi’s, most of what I’ve read (haven’t read much) is that for those that it helps with motivation and pleasure it tends to eventually fade and there’s a need to increase the dose…until it completely poops out at the max dose :confused:

Edit: Olanzapine/zyprexa is also a 5-ht3 antagonist apparently


You try Prami, I’ll try Ondansetron in the meantime, we’ll report to each other.


I’m to start Pramipexole tonight. As yet another add on to my depression cocktail. @Szsurvivor thank you for all this information.


please if you suffer from anhedonia, negative symptoms, or low motivation/avoition, reach out to me in private message, I think mirapex/pramipexole might not be the best option. I think I found more promising stuff!!! (this message is for everyone reading this)

@Skims @everhopeful and everyone


Coming off the antipsychotic or gettin on an ap which has a shorter occupancy time might achieve the same thing as pramiprexole, possible without the possibility that symptoms will rebound or get worse. I think dopamine agonists may be a good idea especially at lower doses but then again i know nothing. Combining pramiprexole with an antipsychotic would negate the effects of the pramiprexole, especially with antipsychotics which bind very tightly at d2 and have a high d2 occupancy.


Please share your experience with us when your on it! I’m interested in it as well but I’m also a bit reluctant to buy and try it because it is a dopamine agonist and may exacerbate positive symptoms.

Did you ever suffered from positive symptoms (hallucinations)?


Hi!!I have anhedonia for a long time and looking for solutions here.I wanted to private message you here but I’m new here and I have tried to look how to text you but I couldn’t.Please text me so I can talk to you about anhedonia and how to cure it.Thank you for your time.


So tonight will be day 6. Its a long, slow 20 day titration from 0.5 - 2.0 mg. Maybe the first few days I had early morning awakening but that seems to have passed. Otherwise no SE yet.


Its been over a month that I’ve been taking pramipexole. It has not helped my sleeping like was promised, still awakening in the early morning and lots of tossing/turning. I have some situational depression from health problems now on top of the ever present kind that never goes away. I do feel calmer and more ready to do activities, with a little push I have been doing stuff.


Please tell me something good. I am looking for the answer too for anhedonia or whatever it is.


Thanks, tell me more


hallo from Greece,what suggestions have you got to offer for long term anhedonia due to anti-psychotic use of pills (risperdal,19 years,amilsupride 3 years and now ready to quit after 2 years of slow dose cutting?)
i believe i had manic depression since a child ,but never did it bother me,i was happy and only at age 25 when i experimented with some dirty stuff lol i began to have positive symptoms of my manic depression .Cheers and god bless you!
i dont want to live with anhedonia the rest of my f!@#g small life i want to enjoy it as much as i can like all so party on Wayne!!!:slight_smile: