Power was out and i have to eat before taking my meds and im on a low carb diet so i ate 6 cheese sticks for breakfast

126g of colby jack cheese, 480 calories it was so hard to eat it because my appetite is gone


That’s a lot of cheese.

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Still sounds healthier than my breakfast. Coffee and ecig.

Hm, I eat pop-tarts every morning. don’t even warm them…don’t like warm pop-tarts. Otherwise if someone makes cinnamon rolls or pancakes I’ll eat that otherwise I’m not much of a breakfast person.

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I love cheese, and colby jack is good stuff. Okay, now I’m hungry for cheese … going to get a piece of the “seriously sharp” white cheddar I have in the fridge, the sharper the better when it comes to cheddar … mmm lol :blush:

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Just drink your calories, milk is full of fat two. Sugary juice is 100 calories a cup… 6 cheese stciks sounds disgusting

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i have to have over 350 calories before taking my latuda in the evening. if im not allowed over at my in laws place i just eat ramen noodles

That’s rough. The power is out here, too. I have no idea how I’m going to get my coffee fix in the morning.