My mom asks for my authorisation rights. Should I accept?

So basically it would give my signatures authotisation powers to my mom. For example: she could sign me into a hospital or deal with a bank. Should I?

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I would not if she’s ever done anything mean or abused power.

I would not do it personally


I wouldn’t be comfortable with that unless I was unable to manage my own affairs and make good decisions.

Both my father and brother have power of attorney over me.
I can become destabilized in a flash


I don’t know what to advise. Things are set up for both my wife and myself that one can have power of attorney over the other if a doctor certifies one of us is incapable of managing our own affairs. I guess it all comes down to your mom’s character.

I have a deputyship over me which social services manage. They took me to court for this which I disagree with. They could legally put me into a nursing home or secure until if they wished and their isn’t much I could do about it.

I think it depends on what kind of person your mom is. I’d have no problem putting certain people in charge of my life should I become incapacitated, but they would need to be compassionate, caring and have my best interests at heart.

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I wouldn’t want to do that unless I couldn’t do those things myself.

I signed my spouse - he takes care of all my health care.

I would be non compliant without him. I have major issues.

My (s) dau and I have discussed this several times, but not done anything about it yet.

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when i was real sick about 7yrs ago

my mom took me to a lawyer

she set up a will, power of attorney, and put my house into a trust

so if i die everything goes to her

then it goes to my brother when my mother dies till i die

then my sister after my brother dies

this way you still have control but if you get sick or die everything is already setup for your husband to take over

but only if you die first

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There would be very limited circumstances in which I would agree to this. Think long and hard before you do it.

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