Poverty of thought and speech. Any advice?

Any med or supplement that had help someone of you in ‘‘poverty of thought and speech’’ ??

Any response is accepted :slight_smile:

i cant say i have poverty of thought
speech yes i do have poverty most definitely
its like i have many worlds in my head but cant express

im currently thinking about reading books for that matter
to get a grip on structure of a word craftsmanship
written and spoken too

cause i didnt find any med or sup for that

can you read books?

Yesss, I can read books, but I find a hard time organizing my tasks, I have not much to do but I think it’s due procastination that I don’t find a moment for read a book, and I could start and don’t finish the book, but I hope that soon, when I start the therapy I can find the motivation to finish a book, maybe it improve my thoughts ? I hope… !

hope? no…

for me its a distant possibility to fix myself and get better overall
its a despairing move by me :smiley:

current meds just dont touch the issue

well i can read too i mean i can sustain attention for periods of time (not too long though)
but i never start reading procrastinating instead
motivational anhedonia? consumatory anhedonia? avolition? …? i dont know and dont care anymore haha

Distant possibility? What do you refer with this? That is good or not ?? :joy::joy:

Yes I too think that I can maintin my attention for periods of time because I’m able to whatch tv, but I find a hard time for distance myself from the phone, what is a big problem for my and my valious time :roll_eyes: (I hope therapy help with that too).

When I said procastination I mean that I think in doing something or is in my mind-list about tasks to do, but I always leave it for more later and then I don’t do anything, instead of it I take my phone or go with some friend that absorbs me, if not I’m oversleeping.

For example I want to call a psycologist since 2 months ago, and most of days I wake up with the thought of call her during the day, and it’s been 2 months yet, it’s disgusting, so YES or YES I will call her on Monday, because I think therapy could do good things to me seeing my currently situation.

I hope my english don’t be too horrible for you, I’m doing it the best I can :joy:

everything is possible but some things are unlikely
…so is my effort to fix brain by reading books
thats why i say its a distant possibility

i procrastinate too i know how it looks
constant delays doing almost nothing whole day etc

i wanted to ask you how does it look to have poverty of thought?

and your english is perfect unlike mine

Just that… I used to be another way in my past and I remember when I feelt myself normal, in my mind used to be always thoughts, ideas, things to do, things to say and share, memories that came to my mind… Now I have not any of that… Very poor thoughts and insight of the things in life… I don’t know if you understandme.

Your english is fine for me too :slight_smile:

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Speaking socially came easier to me after I started taking Gabapentin. A couple of people have agreed with me but it’s not what it’s prescribed for.

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i understand this

Interesting. I’ll talk to my doctor about this med. In fact, I created a topic about alogia and @Jimbob told me about this med. Unfortunately, I can’t find any study about it.

Anyway, psychotherapy can help with alogia (poverty of speech).

I know… And how you get it ?

Do you feel similary ?

Haldol made my head so empty others were making fun of me for being so silent.

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i have some symptoms you have and some are different
its like putting sentences together and words in those sentences together is so challenging
and i have averagely above the average iq so its not that im plain dumb
i do have bursts of verbal fluency when on dopaminergics but it never comes off completely fine

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I’m just in antidepressants, day 11 have my following appointment

At first it was prescribed to me for post surgical nerve pain by my GP. When I told my psychiatrist about it he went along with it and prescribed it along with my AP after the surgery pain had ended.


taking a break or a vacation helps with poverty of speech as I beleive it helps in reducing the effects of not sleeping at night and then sleeping well preferably before 9 pm helps. I once tried heavy doses of b vitamins
particularly niacin/niacinamide and it did help . speech forming in my brain but when it came to my mouth
i struggled a lot this seemd to help but the doses were very high so i decided to stop after 3 months .luckily the effect remained .

indecisive. just try to write or type your thoughts/feelings ideas etc. wherever you can and you will find that the speech will soon follow.

i tried it and it worked.


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Yes I completely understand this feeling. It is the worst.

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